Why authoring your own Community-related Sponsor Posts is so valuable

We want to give our sponsors a lot of opportunities to show off how they are giving back to the Dunwoody community. We think that’s the best way to market your local business, and most likely you’re already doing things like giving to neighborhood swim teams, schools or sponsoring events like Lemonade Days, the 4th of July Parade, etc.

A larger news organization won’t really care to report the small-heroics of stuff like that, but we think it’s important! And we know from talking to people around Dunwoody, those things actually do matter when parents decide to find a new dentist for their child, or simply go out to eat.

So we welcome our sponsors to toot their own horn! What we don’t want is blatant promotions like “Come in this week for a buy one get one free”. So if you aren’t doing enough in the community to warrant a post, well now you got a reason too! A photo and 1-2 sentences is sometimes all it takes to highlight your good deeds.

So how would you do this?

First you’d need a special Author account here on the site. From there, posting on Whats Up Dunwoody can literally take 30 seconds. Title it, add a few sentences, create a link to your site / Facebook page / etc, and add a Featured Image. If need be, you can also tip us off to your good deeds and we’ll get a post live for you.

Too busy to author your own posts?? No worries, send your noteworthy stuff to newsbeat@whatsupdunwoody.com

What else? As an author you’ll stand out in the community…

We’ll create an Author profile with your bio and website link below every article. Plus if you’re on the podcast with us, we can link to that as a way for people to better get to know you. Here’s how that could look…

Whether you author your own posts or send them to newsbeat@whatsupdunwoody.com, we can set your author bio below the post content.

We’re also open to sponsors writing longer articles for us. If you’re an expert in your field, there’s plenty of opportunities to educate the community on a particular topic. For example, Dr Bret wrote a great article on your child’s first orthopedic visit.