Where to find the Impossible Burger in Dunwoody


Waiting in a long line at Farm Burger feels like the right time to start this article. So I’m a bit fascinated with the Impossible Burger . The company’s stock skyrocketed recently, Burger King is buying up their supplies (but not serving it here in Dunwoody yet), and it’s way better for the environment than raising up some fat cow and eventually butchering it into burger sized parts. I’m not currently a vegetarian, though I was for 11 years, so I can get behind the crunchy-granola logic of going meatless. 

About a year ago I went searching for the Impossible Burger in Dunwoody and saw it was on the menu at, of all places, Wing Factory. Unfortunately I got duped, whatever I was actually served was 100% not an Impossible Burger. It didn’t look like anything I had seen online, and it was pretty clear it was just like most other veggie burgers, which could never be mistaken for real meat. I asked the waiter “are you sure this is the Impossible Burger”, and the real answer came back just recently when Wing Factory in Dunwoody closed their doors forever. Justice served.

So up until a recent trip to Parkwoods are Crown Ravinia I had never actually tried the Impossible Burger. More on that trip in a moment, because it’s finally my turn to order. The cashier points me to this disappointing sign….

So there goes the Parkwoods versus Farm Burger article I wanted to write. Since I’m still feeling granola, I order their Housemade Vegan Burger instead. I’ve had it before, it’s good but like most restaurant veggie burgers I would recommend building your own instead of the menu-constructed veggie burger. Throw on all the other stuff you normally like (bacon, mushrooms) otherwise you’ll get what the restaurant thinks a vegetarian wants, and it’ll have some guinoa garnish and just remind you further that you aren’t eating a real burger.

Well I tried. Someone from the kitchen just told me they are out of vegan burgers too. I’m here to eat, so a regular burger will have to do.

So where to actually find the Impossible Burger in Dunwoody??

Parkwoods at Crown Ravinia (website) seems to have the only “in” with the Impossible people, though with the national shortage going on, you should probably call ahead. Is it worth looking this hard for plant-based patty?

Hell yes. It is a great burger. Those 11 years of being a vegetarian made me an expert on alternative burgers. The Impossible Burger is not all hype. The consistency, the taste. It’s all spot on. So for a proper Impossible Burger showdown, restaurant vs. restaurant, it’s really going to come down to everything surrounding the burger. But right now, we only have one contender. So I’ll hold off reviewing the Parkwoods burger until we have a challenger.

Know where the Impossible Burger is at? Call our Tip Hotline to report another Dunwoody-area restaurant serving them. Or leave a comment below..