Podcast 6 Moondog Growlers with guests Trey Various and Tommy Burda

Everything we thought would look nice to photograph in one photo

This week Matt and Justin sat down at Moondog Growlers in Dunwoody to talk with operator Trey Various and owner Tommy Burda.

Show topics:

  • Dunwoody’s only “to go” bar, and the uniqueness of a place where you can sit down, have a few pints, then walk away with a to-go growler of your favorite beer
  • some of the history of Moondog Growlers
  • The tech behind Digital Pour that lets customers see whats on tap from their phones, or sitting at the bar. You can even see how much of a keg is left
  • What Mardi Gra beads around the tap means.
  • Whether they’ve had to bounce any knuckleheads from the bar
  • Why Trey is the beer whisperer
  • Their desert island beers
  • Brief mention about the Dunwoody City Council discussing Pub Brews and Growlers earlier in the evening. Could Moondogs one day have a drive thru? The City Council didn’t rule that out!