Podcast 36 – Rock The Woody Party Announcement

Tales from the Edge of Dunwoody

Information on the First Annual Rock the Woody Party.

Topics include…

  • Justin waking up-
  • We’re over 4,000 downloads!-
  • Justin purchases schooldues.com
  • How a gas station formed our Village Overlay in 1968-
  • Spray paint is an unforgiving medium-
  • Dunwoody is not Helen-
  • Drugs and murder discussion-
  • How free Narcan will get your city hooked-
  • If you’re having an overdose, you should probably make sure you call ahead-
  • Maybe a quick disclaimer would work?-
  • Criminals aren’t used to sharing bathrooms-
  • There is a turning back point. You can just stab someone once-
  • Justin says “Stay in School”-
  • Lacota Apartment Complex is in Dunwoody-
  • Justin suggests changing to numerical street names-
  • The First Annual Adults Only Rock the Woody Party
  • Friday August 24th at Georgetown Rec
  • Georgetown is hosting a Family Get-To-Know-Ya Event where party-goers that plan to attend Saturday’s Main Event can come hang out at Georgetown Recreation Club. Kids welcome. Bring your tennis racket, as our Tennis Pro, Coach Adrian, will be hosting  QUICK on-the-court-games (lasting 5-10 minutes at at time). Groups can drop in and out throughout the night and not feel tied down to either the courts or the pool. As usual the kegerator will be stocked. BYO-Dinner.-
  • Saturday August 25th at Village Mill
  • 7pm – Catered Food by Nuevo Laredo. Come hungry! The taco bar dinner begins at 7… Is it Taco Bell? Hell no! Voted “Best of Atlanta” by Atlanta Magazine since 1992. Nuevo Laredo Cantina features authentic food prepared by Mexican cooks. Chicken and 100% vegetarian friendly beans.-
  • 8pm – Comedy by Hank Denson performs on the Village Mill main stage. An Atlanta based comedian, Hank has been making a name for himself on the comedy circuit for the past 10 years. He’s opened up for Jamie Foxx, Cedric the Entertainer, Amy Schumer and Rodney Perry.-
  • 9pm – The Hazz Benz Start Rocking – Assuming no mini-bread folding catastrophes backstage, the Hazz Benz will power through the greatest 80’s tunes.-
  • Take a virtual elevator ride 100 stories in the sky, and walk the plank if you dare! VR experiences provided by TheGridz.com.-
  • The Lovely Brenda from Hopstix in Chamblee will be serving speciality ‘Woody themed cocktails all night!-
  • The Lovely Jessica from Prime Bar & Lounge will also be serving her famous speciality cocktails!-
  • Self-serve keg beer will be on tap! Sweetwater, Budlight & more!-
  • And the greatest assortment of self-serve boxed wine you’ve ever seen!
  • Village Mill pool like you’ve never seen it before. Swimming isn’t required but this IS a pool party after all. Pack a suit!
  • Sunday August 26th Morning / Afternoon at Vermack – our weekend wraps up at Vermack Pool, where we open up the Bloody Mary bar (and we’ll inevitably get into any leftovers from Saturday). Kids welcome!