Podcast 34 – Stage Door Players with Robert Egizio

Stage Door Players in Dunwoody GA

Robert Egizio from Stage Door Players (Part 1)

Topics include…

  • Why its “the hottest ticket in town”-
  • History of Stage Door and why it’s now attached to the Dunwoody Library-
  • North Dekalb Cultural Center used to be Dunwoody Elementary School-
  • 2nd podcast reference to the Dunwoody Handweavers Guild-
  • Robert threw a dart at a map to decide where to move-
  • Mexico or Dunwoody – Choices are hard sometimes-
  • His actors range in employment from Starbucks to Lawyers-
  • We go to a lot of movies together-
  • How the subscription service works-
  • 5 and 6 show passes exist-
  • Robert has a small staff doing his dirty work-
  • Smokey Joe’s Cafe is the Rock-n-Rock show of the summer-
  • Our mics look like Star Wars props-
  • All of the actors are switched out each show-
  • A little about Robert’s YouTube rants-
  • The Council is all coming to a private Smokey Joe’s show-
  • How the Dunwoody Non-Profits operate with a board of directors-
  • Bob Kinsey from the Spruill Center would be a good guest-
  • We need to talk with Jim and Melanie Williams with the Dunwoody Preservation Trust-

(Part 2) Topics include…

  • Musicals are probably better for my ADD-
  • Robert says A$$ twice on air-
  • A little more conversation about the Dunwoody Village Overlay Code-
  • Williams-Burg-Town-
  • Tijuana Flats is the proposed new tenant for 5419 Chamblee Dunwoody Road?-
  • Shout out for Dunwoody California Pizza Kitchen-
  • Please don’t mention other real estate agents on my show Robert-
  • Why they are a community theater-
  • We need those free tickets now-
  • Musicals run 4 performances a week-
  • The Jetsons move to Dunwoody-
  • What’s Up for the future of Stage Door
  • Once Upon a Ballet plug-
  • The Odd Couple was Robert’s real favorite-
  • Theater sounds terrifying for a podcast host-
  • Robert likes Actors Express, Alliance Theater, Georgia Ensemble, and Aurora Theatre-
  • Local theaters have each other’s backs-
  • Robert is going to “Publisize the HELL out of this show”-
  • Our placement in this years Dunwoody 4th of July Parade was dead last-
  • We need a Corvette for next year’s parade-
  • Rickshaws are fun-
  • We don’t have many podcast viewers… or listeners-
  • Matt Woellner’s first What’s Up Dunwoody shoutout-
  • Does anyone else listen to their own podcasts at x2 speed?-
  • Stephanie Freeman with the Perimeter Chamber coming soon-