Podcast 33 – Mad Italian and Duke’s Burgers and Brews


Mad Italian in Chamblee is moving… down the street. The new location is further down Savoy Drive, and the old location is becoming a burger-bar called Duke’s! Here’s Tom and Shannon to tell you more.

Topics include…

  • The importance of community involvement and spirit nights
  • Sponsoring Murphy Candler, DHS Volleyball, Chesnut, Georgetown Rec
  • How many sports could possibly need sponsorships?
  • Moving down Savoy into the Allure Nightclub… I mean Malone’s
  • The building has been completely redone
  • Justin hates on Taco Bell but Matt loves it, once in a while
  • If you’re over 50, you don’t listen to podcasts
  • The mustache logo is still king
  • Original prices are awesome – $1.85 cheesesteaks in 1973
  • Mad Italian is 45 years old!
  • They’ll soon have 30 beers on tap
  • Duke’s Burgers and Brews will open in the old location
  • No need for buns… just eat the meat
  • The introduction of Duke’s
  • Their boy John seems to be a bit of a bada$$
  • Check out their special pickles
  • Duke’s will be military-branded
  • We’re ok with Chamblee’s fences
  • There will be extra rooms for private events
  • Why Mad Girls is better than SpongeBoobs
  • They raised over $5,000 for breast cancer
  • Splitting up the team to run 2 seperate restaurants
  • Grand Opening hopefully the beginning of August on a Tuesday