Podcast 32 – Comedian Paul Ollinger

Paul Ollinger Dunwoody raised comedian

Paul Ollinger is a Comedian straight out of the Wood. He was one of the first 250 employees at Facebook, and cashed out to follow his dream of making people laugh.

Topics include…

  • Marching in the Dunwoody 4th of July Parade
  • How do you pronounce his name?
  • Props to Kate Roark for helping connect us with Paul
  • Making Dunwoody Backyard Comedy a thing
  • What’s it like to open for Jeff Dunham?
  • Dunwoody Quiz
  • That time Paul threw up on the table at Dunwoody Country Club
  • Who is John Dunwoody?
  • How close is the Georgetown Pool to 285? Very close.
  • Changing dimes into quarters
  • When is Perimeter Mall actually closing? SEO
  • What its like busing tables at Perimeter Mall and when you should trade-up?
  • Changing the Hickory House into another bank
  • Our Wayne’s World 2 dream of having a massive concert at Brook Run
  • Getting bit by the “comedian bug”
  • Hosting the Improvs in Orange County
  • Why our wives don’t LOVE our podcast
  • Paul repeating his jokes is still just as funny in person
  • Plugs for the Laughing Skull, the Punchline, Sweetwater, Three Taverns, and Orpheus
  • Justin’s buddy Trevor Williams at the Laughing Skull
  • Setting the ambiance for a show
  • Big announcement for Rock the ‘Woody on August 25th