Podcast 29 – Crazy News Around The Wood


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Topics include…

  • Gelzer49 gives us a nice review (5 stars)
  • 12 year old girl in the Mill Glen neighborhood robbed at knifepoint, description matches well… just listen.
  • “Brian” does not live on her street
  • Burglary at the Best Buy off Hammond
  • They repelled from the ceiling and went through a wall into the apple storage room
  • Someone had his shotgun shells stolen… and a pocket knife
  • 1998 CRV taken and not missed
  • Someone stole smell water
  • Dunwoody Nature Center Concert Series
  • Heather Gillis Band, Wren and the Ravens, Honeyboy and the Boots, and Mohawks and Gold Vans
  • Dunwoody Overlay Code is getting an overhaul according to Richard McLeod
  • The council is also leaning toward a #DunwoodyVillageOverhaul
  • Bob Lundsten was a “wonderful guest” teaser
  • “SLUPs aren’t the right way to change the overlay code”
  • Sandy Springs Police officer rearended on the side of the highway
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