Podcast 28 – Richard McLeod – Director of Community Development

Richard McLeod - Dunwoody's Director of Community Development

This episode we go back to City Hall and meet with Richard McLeod, Dunwoody Director of Community Development.

Topics include…

  • Steve Barton Roasts Us In Review (5 stars)
  • Richard is actually immortal, just like the real Highlander
  • Everything that gets built in Dunwoody goes through his office
  • Justin’s deck is definately against code
  • Roof inspections are no more
  • The Village Overlay isn’t what restaurant owners want
  • The Overlay code hasn’t changed in 40 years
  • Idea is to give restaurant owners more breathing room
  • Bringing shops closer to the road is the new style
  • Avalon has the best movie theater
  • Filling in the Brio Lake and driving over geese
  • Dunwoody Comprehensive Plan explanation
  • Georgetown’s 12 foot sidewalk in front of the Riva Apartments (formerly DeLido)
  • People do walk in Dunwoody
  • Our slow growth is easy to deal with
  • Townhomes with master-on-the-main and space for elevators will soon be available at the Village
  • Will #DunwoodyRooftopBars ever be in the village?
  • Dunwoody Tavern doesn’t look like a Tavern
  • What is a Williamsburg look?
  • The Tavern might soon lose their back deck (thanks Justin)
  • PIB area is stuck how it is
  • Matt the REALTOR’s wife could work at Oasis, but she does not
  • Richard runs at Brook Run everyday, but will remain in Woodstock