Podcast 27 – Brent Walker (Part 2) – Brook Run Amphitheatre

Brent Walker

This episode we go back to City Hall and meet with Brent Walker with Dunwoody Parks and Recreation.

Topics include…

  • Going big with Phase One of the Brook Run Master Plan
  • Multi use fields and the new amphitheatre are coming breaking ground soon
  • How to fit the fields into the existing tree canopy
  • Retaining walls are expensive, but better than removing trees
  • There will be plenty of bathrooms!
  • Justin wants weekly movie screenings and everyone to wear costumes
  • Will #LemonadeDays happen in 2019?
  • Lining up the Dunwoody athletic facilities into a line from Peachtree Middle School to Brook Run to Pernoshal Park
  • A great plug for Atlanta Silverback Park
  • Crowd-funding a giant tv
  • Why are there trees before the giant lawn?
  • Explaining the big circles
  • Retiring and living the parks and rec dream