Podcast 26 – Brent Walker (Part 1) – Parks and Rec

Brent Walker

This episode we go back to City Hall and meet with Brent Walker with Dunwoody Parks and Recreation.

Topics include…

  • Justin is now “Pool Guy” branded!
  • Parks and Rec is exactly like the TV show.
  • Dunwoody parks were established in 2010.
  • Parks, Paving, and Police isn’t all Dunwoody is anymore.
  • Brook run used to be the location of Georgia State Retardation Facility.
  • Dunwoody paid Dekalb County $100/acre and $5000/building.
  • What is the Dunwoody Weaver’s Guild?
  • Dunwoody doesn’t have the amount of park space other cities do (3.5-4 acres per 100 citizens)
  • Explanation of the the John Wieland Homes deal at Dunwoody Green
  • How sweet Dunwoody Green will be! #DunwoodyRooftopBar
  • The Parks relationship with the Dunwoody Nature Center
  • Can Justin be the new Parks and Rec Social Director?
  • The Force Awakens is coming to Pernoshal Park.
  • When will the Dunwoody Trailway be finished?
  • Old Spring House is a steep hill.
  • Richard Pearson shoutout