Podcast 25 – A Subway Inside Another Subway?

Subway within a Subway. Dunwoody's weirdest Subway

This episode we go back to where it all began. Sitting in Justin’s backyard and reading the news.

Topics include…

  • Matt the REALTOR is back from vacation
  • Justin takes the Georgetown crew to other Dunwoody pools
  • …inspiring the Dunwoody Pool Hopper Pass
  • Heneghan gives the #DunwoodyRooftopBar Council shoutout
  • Why is there a Subway inside another Subway?
  • Brook Run is getting the big amphitheatre
  • Cameras in our parks
  • When can you get a park named after you?
  • Alan Mothner and the Nature Center making moves
  • Justin wants a rickshaw
  • Future show teases – Brent Walker, Richard McLeod, and Stage Door Players