Podcast 24 – Ken Wright (Part 2)

Whats Up Dunwoody Shirts

This episode was recorded in Ken Wright’s backyard. He was a founding member of our great city, our first Mayor, a serial entrepreneur, and all around good guy. He’s also running for House District 79.

Topics include…

  • Fake birds and classic cars
  • Why are you running for the State House
  • His wife helping with the campain
  • Why does the Mayor and Council get paid what they do?
  • The story of formation of the Dunwoody Police
  • Citizens Patrol and where the Police cars came from
  • Justin’s jail-van he took to a Dead show
  • The purchase of the Dunwoody Green property
  • Ken says “rooftop bar” (possibly Chilis)
  • Dunwoody Green WILL have chef-driven original restaurants
  • Plug for Gilly’s
  • Criminals don’t jog on bikepaths
  • Dunwoody Beltline