Podcast 23 – Ken Wright (Part 1)

Whats Up Dunwoody Podcast talks to Ken Wright

This episode was recorded in Ken Wright’s backyard. He was a founding member of our great city, our first Mayor, a serial entrepenuer, and all around good guy. He’s also running for House District 79.

Topics include…

  • How Dunwoody Green came to be and where it is going
  • “Chef driven, non-franchised restaurants” are in the contract with Dunwoody Green’s land
  • The turnaround of the Georgetown Kroger
  • How the DHA continues to fight the apartments
  • The way Ken got pulled into public service
  • Dunwoody was the first to incorporate inside Dekalb County
  • A little about the Dunwoody Nature Center and the value of Alan Mothner
  • The difference between a Dunwoody under Dekalb and after incorporation