Podcast 22 – Matt and Justin Read the News

Whats Up Dunwoody Podcast with Matt the Realtor

This episode we are chilling in Matt the REALTOR’s basement and talking about Dunwoody.

Topics include…

  • PoolDues.com tease, a member billing and pool check in app that every community club should have
  • Kings Down Throwdown kingsdownparty.com
  • Paul Ollinger comedy plug
  • Terry Nall puts his foot down with Dekalb’s EMS service
  • Are police cameras always on?
  • Jiffy Lube in the Village is for sale for $1.3 million
  • Atlanta’s first driverless shuttle system coming to Doraville Assembly project
  • www.projectcasting.comย is casting in Atlanta
  • Stranger Things filming at Gwinnett Place Mall
  • Lauren Lauricella name-drop
  • Brook Run is getting an Amphitheatre
  • Is James Taylor is alive?
  • Atlanta Chiefs Futball could be coming soon to Brook Run
  • Lemonade Days will be at Justin’s house in 2019
  • Dunwoody Frisbie Golf Church May 27th
  • Can Matt the REALTOR say the Pledge of Allegiance?
  • Free stickers if you send us your address
  • Roast us in Review starts next week!