Podcast 18 – Bob Mullen – Communications Director


This episode we sit down with Bob Mullen COmmunication Director for the city of Dunwoody, and Michael Starling sticks around to discuss…

  • How many banks are in Dunwoody?
  • Where are the boundaries of Dunwoody?
  • How many restaurants are in Dunwoody?
  • How many pizza shops are in Dunwoody?
  • What’s the best pizza in Dunwoody?
  • Plugging the Dunwoody Area Restaurant Review Facebook Group
  • What’s Up Dunwoody HQ
  • There’s way more Asian restaurants then Pizza?
  • Couple plugs for Village Burger (best burger joint in Dunwoody)
  • Are you going to show us the Traffic Network Control Center?
  • What is the median age in Dunwoody?
  • Why is Justin eating out of the trash?*