Podcast 14 – Interview w/ Mike Wilensky (Dunwoody resident) running for House District 79

Mike Wilenksy running for HD79

This week we talk with Mike Wilensky ( https://www.wilenskyforga.com , https://www.wilenskyforga.com), who is running for House District 79 We cover…

  • Mike’s credentials / law firm / what makes him qualified for HD79
  • Is Mike pro: Giant slides and rooftop bars in Dunwoody?
  • Mike’s part in re-opening the Dunwoody Farmers Market
  • Keeping the aesthetics of Dunwoody (trees in particular)
  • Mike’s thoughts on whether GA will be in the next 10 states to “legalize” or in the last 10. And what that could mean for our economy.
  • How religious freedom bills could hurt our economy
  • What’s Mike’s “Presidential Dinner”
  • And much more!