Podcast 12 – Alan Mothner (Part 2) Monarchs & Margaritas


We continue talking with Alan Mothner, director of the Dunwoody Nature Center. This episode we cover….

  • The humble Mr. Magarita machine-inspired beginnings of the now HUGE Monarchs and Margaritas event
  • The new event pavilion coming in 2018 (and the big question, is there a Fantasy Suite-style bed?)
  • What the milkweed plant has to do with butterflies (and why YOU too should plant milkweed)
  • Encouraging kids (specifically YOUR kids) to play outside, jump on rocks, and get dirty in the creek.
  • Which is the best Dunwoody elementary school???
  • More about the new Austin Elementary school
  • The hidden playgrounds at the Dunwoody Nature Center
  • Will there ever be giant slide from Roberts drive down to the DNC. Plans have been proposed. Seriously.
  • Stage plays at the DNC.
  • Benny, the haunted piano ?