Too lazy to wrap your presents? Just don’t care to do it right? There’s a fundraiser event for that


Moms of local kids in the Waffle Ballers are raising money to send their kids to Cooperstown this summer. For $2 an item, they will wrap your stuff for you! It can be elegant or fun. Here’s the deal….

  1. Put all the items in a bag with your cell#, wrapping style of choice, a list detailing which gift is for whom, and what the label should say. For example, “To Timmy, you just barely earned this in 2019, Judgingly, Santa”
  2. Drop off your items at Kate Rourke’s house before noon on Tuesday, the 17th (ack thats tomorrow). And Kate is who to blame if she skips town with all your loot. The address is 4608 Kings Down Ct. Leave bag in carport
  3. All wrapping will be finished by Sunday 12/22

Text Kate for questions. 770-402-1140