Three Doraville trash cans convicted of SQUIRREL MURDER


Emotions erupted inside a Doraville courtroom Tuesday as three waste cans were sentenced for murder in a case court officials described as an example of the “never-ending cycle” of violent retaliation against area squirrels.

Investigators said the Dekalb County cans retaliated against a local squirrel over a “food-related hole” that was chewed into one of the trash can’s brothers.

“When you get angry I know you want to roll over someone or use your lid in a violent way, but take a moment to think about how that could affect the rest of your life,” the judge said.

The victims half-cousin was there at the sentencing, “They trynna say my cousin got what was coming to him, but all he did was make a small hole in something that lifts up to make a bigger hole. How’s that fair?”

After sentencing the three cans were rolled into the cafeteria of Atlanta Penitentiary.

Full video available here. Also there’s something about the city of Doraville annexing Embry Hills. I guess it’s like part of unincorporated Dekalb currently.