This is how Democracy dies. Early voters needed to offset promising Write-In Campaign


A grassroots write-in campaign is gaining steam with at least two votes now for local-person Justin Dike. How serious a threat does this now represent? We turned to What’s Up Dunwoody’s political science division for the answer…

Dr. Cal Smith: “Well, 2 votes is 2 more than zero. If only 3 people vote in this election, this write-in candidate would win. At least I would assume so, I would have to Google what exactly writing in a candidate does.”

WUD: “How do you not know that? I thought you studied political science”

Dr. Cal Smith : “No, I was playing Fortnite with my mic on and you asked me a question. What country are you in”

WUD: “Uhhh, my screen time is up. I gotta go.”

So there you have it citizens. You see what’s at stake.

Get out and vote. Like today.