The Write-In Winner is…


Get ready for #NotMyWriteInWinner to trend all over the country.

Kristin Heneghan has won 28 to 18. Assuming we count misspellings and variations like “Mrs Heneghan”, “Josh Dike”, “Matt Dike”, “Justin Dick Dike”, or simply “Justin”. If someone wrote in the letter “J” we would count it for me.

Here are some of the other great write-in’s…

Heywood Geblowme (classic)
Barak Obama (yes, spelled wrong)
Mickey Mouse (2 votes)
Mikey Mouse (big Disney fan)
Knights who say Neep
Knights who say Derp
Neither of these fools (ouch)
L (try harder next time please)
Phillip Morris
Johnny Walker
Unsure Sorry (not a fan of homework either)
Anyone else
Deez Nutz (lol)
George Lucas
Jesus Christ
X (when you consider an X mark is what’s next to the candidate you select, this is funny)
Someone Else
Pippa (Peppa Pig ?)
R U Kidding
No Confidence (Star Wars prequel reference?)
Thomas Pumkin O’Brien
Tony Soprano for Less Corruption

For Doraville Mayor someone wrote-in “Me”. I really hope that was Donna Pittman herself (current Doraville Mayor, running for re-election)

See for yourself if there’s any other great ones we missed..