Tarp on Parliament Drive Celebrates 3rd Birthday


Neighbors on Parliament Drive came out to wish a happy birthday to the black tarp covering a large portion of a resident’s yard. While singing the traditional birthday song, neighbor children helped rearrange some of the bricks that had fallen out of place over the years.

“It was a really touching moment to see the kids, some of them even younger than the tarp, help out like that”, said a neighbor.

When asked about future plans, the tarp had this to say, “I’m just looking for one more good year here, and then who knows. I got a cousin covering a Confederate Statue in VA, he might have a place for me there… but if I’m really honest, I’d be happy duct-taped over a broken car window. It might not last long, but at least I will have seen the world.”

Tarpy with local children laying on it (kid on right is asking if Tarpy is a boy or a girl)