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Podcast 137 – Dunwoody 2020 Special Edition

Show notes: Back to where we began. Just Matt and Justin talking about Dunwoody.

JANUARY 2020 in Dunwoody

Show notes: Jennifer Boettcher tells us What's Up in Dunwoody this month.

Podcast 136 – NFA Burger – Billy Kramer

Show notes: Billy Kramer has been perfecting his award-winning smash burger for years.

Podcast 135 – Bourbon Tasting at Porter Brew & Que Brewery...

Show notes: We met up with Bret from Village Orthodontics to taste some bourbon at Porter... and we recorded it. There's also a video.  

Podcast 134 – Your Holiday Haven – Discover Dunwoody

Show notes: Discover Dunwoody stops by to tell us about Holiday Events around the city!

DECEMBER 2019 in Dunwoody

Show notes: What's Up in December with Jennifer Boettcher from Dunwoody City Hall.

Podcast 133 – Atlanta Magazine Interview with Katja Ridderbusch

Show notes: This is the podcast version of an interview we did a couple months back for Atlanta Magazine. You can find it in...

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