Site Stats


Since our news-style reboot in June 2019, we’ve seen some explosive traffic here at Whats Up Dunwoody. Who would have thought Dunwoody-ians would be SO into Dunwoody?

We’ve reached over 4000 unique visitors in June and July, and our August numbers are even more impressive!

And we’re only 2 months into this! We get more search engine traffic daily, as sites like Google start realizing more and more that we’re posting regularly about Dunwoody area news.


Looking at the website traffic statistics provided by Alexa, an Amazon Company that tracks website traffic, we are getting close to (or better) traffic than some of the staple news site of the Dunwoody community…

Whats Up Dunwoody – #1,969,573 Time on site: 4:30
Aha Connection – #2,294,832 Time on site: 2:49
The Crier – #1,529,116 Time on site: 2:06

Notice we almost double both sites in Daily Time spent!

That site ranking explained…. The first number is basically what place we are in if this was a race among every other website in existence. #1 is Google. Click the links above for real time stats (last we checked was August 6)