Roberts Drive torn up. Ending soon or just getting started?


Wondering what’s up with all the construction on Roberts Drive. Here’s the official word from public works..

“In preparation for the new Austin Elementary School, the City is planning for a new traffic signal with turn lanes at the Dunwoody Nature Center, which will also serve as the main entrance to the school. The proposed project also includes a new sidewalk on the west side of Roberts Drive from Dunwoody Knoll Drive to Chamblee Dunwoody Road. The project is in its early construction stages with completion scheduled for the end of 2019.”

Local Dunwoody residents had this to say…

“So I wasn’t imagining that the road was getting closer to my house.”

“We needed a new sidewalk to look out while waiting in the drop-off line.”

“Another reminder that we should have bought the house near Austin. But no, Linda just had to have a separate scrap-booking room.”