Police sayin’: dozens of storage units robbed


Here’s what Dunwoody PD officer Anwar Sillah posted to NextDoor about the incidents…

“On July 9, 2019 between 6:30PM and 7:45PM, two suspects forcefully entered approximately 20 interior storage units from the Public Storage facility located at 4340 Dunwoody Park South in Dunwoody and removed several items. Thanks to our detectives, a suspect was quickly identified and warrants were obtained for his arrest.”

Violated Dunwoody residents had this to say…

“smh…Now I have to replace a perfectly good DVD player in storage” 

“I don’t suppose the criminals were kind enough to take the 12 boxes of Grateful Dead tapes my husband is probably getting buried with. ”   

“Until my new $6.99 lock arrives, I guess I’m sleeping at the unit.”   

“This is my busy time at work, but I look forward to seeing what was stolen from me in a few weeks or months from now.”  

“This could have been a lot worse if I hadn’t thought to check for loose change in the drawers of that bedroom set.” 

“I’d rather switch religions than buy another fake Christmas tree. Anyone know which Dunwoody synagogue is the least judgey about…🍷🍹🍸”