Perimeter Mall Food Court has the most food in any part of the mall.


Perimeter Mall is a shopping mall in Dunwoody, Georgia and their Food Court has lots of different food options. We asked our buddy Mike that works “The Court” about it and he said, “If you get hungry shopping, the food court is definitely the place to be”. Mike hooked us up with some to-go food that was just sitting on the warmer FOR HOURS. I guess people are too busy to pick up their food these days. Or maybe some UberEats driver just up and quit one day and never picked up the order. Kinda like this kid in my Trigonometry class did. He was like “I just don’t get it anymore”, and asked to go to the restroom, and then 2 days later I saw him walking to the remedial math trailer. 

In conclusion, the Food Court is probably the best place to hang out (because of the food), and also it’s really close to that entrance where all the moms usually drop off.

-Jeff, DHS Review Team