Outstanding Traffic Ticket and Bench Warrant Amnesty in August


No, you still have to pay your traffic ticket. And you still have to appear in court. This isn’t complete amnesty. But if you pay your fine in full, contempt fees will be waived. And if your offense requires a court appearance, you will be given a scheduled date, and all warrants will be cleared and warrant fees forgiven.

Check out the Dunwoody Municipal Court’s website for more details about dates and times.

Dunwoody residents had this to say about the news…

“But contempt fees are the best part of paying a traffic ticket.”

“I look forward to telling Mastercard that Municipal Court charge is from a strip club I’ve never set foot in.”

“Nice to see the judicial system moving one step closer to a Netflix-style subscription model.”

“So I don’t have to appear in court anymore? There’s about to be a whole lot more keyed cars in the Target parking lot. 🚙🔑⭕️🍸🍸🍸”