Moondog Growlers – Baby in a Bar: Episode 1


If you’re like me you’ve probably driven past a bar and thought “a nice cold beer would really hit the spot right now”, and then you remember you’re driving around a bunch of kids, and its not cool to bring a bunch of kids into a bar.

Or can you? Watch how it went for us at Moondog Growlers in Dunwoody…

Obviously Moondogs passes the kid-friendly test ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (five stars, the most possible)!

Kid notes: They don’t serve food, but they do have chips and root beer. And you might have noticed some Jimmy Johns in the video, which is a 30 second walk across the street. The kids were happy with sandwiches and games and gave us adults a couple hours to taste some new beers.

So onto the beers reviews…

Today’s tasters were myself and three people that had shamefully never been to Moondog’s: my wife Rachel, my friend Howie and other friend Matt (craft beer enthusiast).

Moondogs manager Trey set us up with a flight of 6 beers to try. Somehow our beer rating system ended up using decimals, 0 is bad, 5 is great. Whoever ranked the beer the highest had to finish whatever was left of it.

Octopi Blackberry Weiss

Justin: 1 “another reason to keep disliking sour beer”

Rachel: 1.5 “ok, nope”

Matt: 3.75  “This would be a good sour after doing yard work“ 

Howie: 1 “it was like a grapefruit beer, I wouldn’t drink it in front of friends” 

Hop Kush

Justin: 4.25 ⭐️ “caramely!”  (My highest ranked of the night)

Rachel: 2 “meh”

Matt: 4 ⭐️ “Soft touch” (Matt’s highest ranked of the night)

Howie: 3 “I liked the taste better than the smell”

New Realm Southern Brogue

Justin: 1.2 “The tastes reminds me of an attic”  

Rachel: 3 “coffee notes, I’m not a fan of dark beer”

Matt: 2 “way too thin, not enough flavor ” 

Howie: 1.5 “I would like it more in December “


Justin: 4 “light , easy drinker”   

Rachel: 4 ⭐️ “I liked it”  (Rachel’s highest ranked of the night)

Matt: 3.75 “Okay IPA”

Howie: 3.75 ⭐️ “Three point seven five “ (Howie’s highest ranked of the night)

Galactic Walkabout 

Justin: 3 “mostly tasteless, odd licorice after taste“    

Rachel: 2.75 “I could drink it but…”

Matt: 1 “wasn’t good” 

Howie – 1 “…a one” 

Delta 5 

Justin: 1.1 “bad”   

Rachel: 0.5  “no” 

Matt: 2.25 “two point two….. five”

Howie: 0.25 “like ammonia”

No 5’s in the batch. But ironically, all the scores above added up to 55.55. Between tastings I was drinking one of my favorite new beers, Sweetwater G13, which until yesterday I had never tried on tap. So my personal results may have been a bit tainted by having too good of a beer in hand while trying new stuff. But thats the whole fun of beer flights anyway. You won’t know what you like until you try it, and Moondogs is THE place in Dunwoody to try new brews you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Fun fact: you can find everything Moondog’s currently has in realtime using the Digital Pour app. I can see right now that G13 is down to the last 7% of the keg.

The Beer Review Team will return Moondogs soon!…