Mom at Vino Venue, area children negotiate what bedtime routines Dad willing to do


Dunwoody kids, ages 4 and 7 were almost forced to put themselves to bed last Thursday night with zero help. Here’s a firsthand account of what happened, according to the 7 year old who asked to remain anonymous…

“We were laying on the couch around 10:30pm, I was still in my bathing suit and my brother had no shirt on. Dad kept trying to fall asleep, and at one point said, ‘Aren’t you kids old enough to just put yourselves to bed. I’ll let you skip brushing teeth tonight’.”   

“At that point, we knew tuck-ins, prayers, songs, even proper pajamas were probably not going to happen. Fearing the worst, we offered to sleep in the same room to make it easier on Dad. We then asked for water from a shelf we can’t reach so he at least had to get off the couch. Once in the kitchen, we got him to commit to at least 1 lower bunk tuck in, and starting the prayer (he had to say ‘Dear God’, I would do the rest)”

Dad felt this was a fair compromise and followed us upstairs. We got our pajamas on, and Dad did the routines he said he would. My little brother must not have understood any of this, because as Dad was closing the door, he started to sing ‘You are my sunshine’ all on his own. As Dad was walking down the stairs, we could hear him say, “Help your brother sing that, I don’t know the words” 

Dad was not available to comment on this story. Mom came home 2 hours after Vino Venue closed.