Mayor and Council Endorsing Heyward Wescott – Major Election Update!


You read it here first! Mayor Shortal, John Heneghan, Tom Lambert, Jim Riticher and Pam Talmadge were spotted in the Village this evening endorsing Heyward Wescott for District 2’s City Council.

Don’t forget, ALL of Dunwoody gets to vote in this election, regardless of where you live. Early voting has already begun at the Dunwoody Library.

Citizens have piled onto the news with their reactions

“If this guy is running against another guy, I wish him good luck in the coin flip. #LadiesGottaVoteForTheLadies🍷 “

“I don’t recognize any of those people or their names, but they must know something we don’t.”

“I would need to talk with him for a few hours if he really wants my vote.”

“This should have been settled weeks ago by whoever does the craziest air drum solo.”

“I was wondering what all those “Vote Here” signs were about.”

“So zero real celebrities endorsing him?”