Man’s daily beer dump into Meadowlake finally called out!


This is an Open request to the guy in the dark colored car that frequently stops on Meadowlake Drive near Meadowlake Lane, finishes off a couple of cans of beer then rolls down the window and throws the empty beer cans in the storm drain. He then goes up the hill and takes a right on Mount Vernon. We see you frequently… YOU sir are a first class Azz-WHOLE!!! Your beer can litter sits in the bottom of the catch basis till the next rain, then washes into the creek and into the lake behind the houses on Meadowlake!!! Hope your WIFE or who ever you are LYING to sees this. It is obvious and we all know you are telling her or someone you have “quit drinking” by dumping the beer cans in our creek and lake. If you were not hiding that your are “Driving and drinking and have an open container in your car” you could take your trash beer cans home and RECYCLE THEM!!! Oh…. Your TAG NUMBER was easy to get….. THANKS……

Yeah, you can’t be doing that. Read the responses unfolding on NextDoor