Keto Tacos. You’re welcome.


It’s bathing suit season, and that means most of you Dunwoody Dads are switching from a moderate level of weekend yardwork-drinking to all-day-in-the-sun, still-in-college levels of drinking. That’s a lot of extra calories you’ll have to steal from somewhere else. Chips, bread, taco shells, all that can go on pause for a few months.

If you’re still drinking, you’ll probably never get to true ketogenic levels of burning fat, but this diet hack is worth a try anyway. 

Step 1. Put something else in the pan to kill time while the pan gets really hot. Mushrooms, onions, whatever you can find.

Step 2. Get that shredded cheese in there. Heck even cheese slices. It all melts.

Toss in some sour cream and leftover Taco Bell sauce from the last time they gave you 100 more packets than actual tacos.

Step 3. When its looking crispy, you’re ready to fold it.

Step 4. You’re done. Eat it.

It’ll taste amazing. You can even burn it, and it’ll still taste good. Is it healthy? I dunno. It’s cheese that you’ve heated up but essentially it’s still just cheese. It will taste fried, but I think you’ve just changed the molecules or something. The core cheese atoms are probably the same, and no more or no less healthy than before.

See you at the pool.