Joe Seconder announces District 2 City Council run


The Dunwoody Hunger Games are off to a great start this past week. First Lynn, now Joe! He’s stepping up as the first contestant for District 2. Seconder will be competing against… well, no one yet, for this City Council seat. Otherwise we would cut to a training montage video here of Joe sharpening sticks in Brook Run.

For those of you actually keeping track, our District 2 seat (or “At Large” seat), is currently held by Lynn Deutsch, but since she announced she will run for Mayor against Terry Nall she will have to give it up. That’s how the game is played here in Dunwoody, you have to risk it to win it!

What’s up with Joe? We had him on our podcast a few months ago to talk about making Dunwoody a safer place for bicyclists, among many other things. Listen to his show(s) starting here. Joe has lived in Dunwoody for 11 years, is a board member of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association, and currently works as a senior sales consultant.

Joe is also a retired major in the U.S. Army Reserve (Infantry) with 23 years of service. He actually volunteered for Operation Desert Storm and spent a year in a combat zone in Kuwait and Iraq during the 2003 invasion for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The issues Joe supports…

Non-Profit To Support Our Parks: Establish a legitimate 501c(3) non-profit “Friends of Dunwoody Parks” (etc.). Use this to seek out private donations, grants, in kind for park amenities.

Active Programming & Recreation Services: Offer & fund an ACTIVE Parks & Recreation Department — Actually offering PROGRAMMING to our citizens much the way it is in Brookhaven, Sandy Springs & Roswell.

I-285 Express Lanes: Stop the 285 express lane project at all cost. Will destroy Dunwoody communities; increase cut through traffic, pollution, and noise. And decrease our quality of our lives and property values.

Charter Schools: Until we get our own city schools, let’s work on creating a Dunwoody Charter Cluster. North Druid Hills tried. We can make it happen.

How can you get in touch with Joe?

If you dig what you’re reading there, let him know via Facebook by liking Joe 4 Dunwoody.

The Election is Nov 5, mark your calendars now!

District 2 includes the central part of the city, but is elected citywide. So your vote counts no matter where you are in Dunwoody. And although Joe doesn’t have a challenger yet for District 2, stay tuned!