Improved Mount Vernon Road intersection in Dunwoody will officially open on Saturday


On August 3, the intersection at Mount Vernon Road and Vermack Road/Manhasset Drive will be fully operational with upgrades to improve flow.

Dunwoody city leaders will mark the official opening of the improved intersection at Mount Vernon Road and Vermack Road/Manhasset Drive on Saturday, August 3. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on site at 10 a.m.

“We are grateful to residents and drivers for their patience during this project,” said Dunwoody Public Works Director Michael Smith. “The upgrades we’ve made will improve traffic flow through this important Dunwoody intersection. We’ve been focused on getting all lanes open before school starts on Monday.”

Cheerleaders at Dunwoody High School are helping spread the word about Saturday’s opening to with special countdown videos being posted and shared on social media.

The intersection improvements include the following:

·         Dedicated turn lanes on Mt. Vernon and Vermack Roads

·         Modernized traffic signals: Improved timing and vehicle detection

·         Four-way pedestrian signals at intersection

·         Dedicated bike lanes on Mt. Vernon Road between Vernon Oaks and Corners Drive

·         Additional 1850 linear feet of sidewalk

·         Safer access to MARTA stop

·         New water main and sanitary sewer extension

·         Grade reduction on Manhasset Drive for better sight visibility

It is important to note that work crews will remain in the area for the next several weeks to complete site cleanup, install final pavement markings and perform isolated concrete repairs. Final landscaping will occur during the fall planting season. 

For more information regarding the City of Dunwoody, please contact Jennifer Boettcher, Communications Director: 678.382.6881,