How do you find your fit?


I often get asked what is the “best” workout. That answer is simple. The best workout for you is the one you’ll do. Not the newest, the latest, the greatest. Not the longest, the most intense, or the hardest. Not the cheapest or the priciest. 

It’s the one you’ll do. 

How many workouts are there out there?  Stop and think of them all: you can run, kickbox, go to a Cross Fit “box,” do home workouts, hit up a fancy yoga studio, go lap swimming, weight train, cycle, activity with your children, pay for personal training sessions…  

All those are great… for the people who do them.  

True story: I have always wanted to be a runner. I was on the track team in high school and was terrible. I hated every second of it. Then I married a runner. He can lace up and run 3, 5, 10 miles without even thinking. He has countless race medals at home. And I really, REALLY wanted us to share that. Plus, running is free, easy to travel with, and, don’t you feel like EVERYONE is running a race these days? 

The only problem is. I. Hate. Running. Do you know how many pairs of expensive running shoes I have purchased because *now* was the time I was going to get started running? So guess what? I stopped trying to be a runner. I wasn’t getting an effective workout in doing something I hated because I wasn’t DOING IT. 

Instead, I found my home in group fitness.  I have lost 20 pounds at 3 separate times in my adult life with group fitness. I fell in love with it so much that I went into the profession and became an instructor.  Through it, I have gained confidence, and I gotten STRONG. I have found MY fit. 

For me, group exercise works…I’m a people person. I LOVE social settings. I thrive around other people. I push myself harder when others are watching. And as an instructor I’m GOOD at it. I love seeing the look in a participants eyes when they just did A THING–as in their first push up on their toes, or their fastest interval on the bike, or whatever THEIR goal was. 

That husband of mine? HATES group fitness– “Why do I want to work out with strangers?” I’ve taught group fitness for 11 years and he’s been to exactly 7 total classes in that time. Instead, he just laces up and puts in his earbuds.  Like I said, the best workout for you, is the one you’ll do. 

So what workout is for you? Don’t know?  Start by making a simple list. Basic questions would be, “Do I enjoy being around people?”  “Am I open to critique in my form?” “How much money am I willing to spend?” “How much time do I have to give to this?”  

I LOVE hearing what workouts you are doing and why. Why did you start? Why do you keep going? How have you failed and what did that teach you? 

My call to action is simple. Just start.

Go do something today to benefit your body through exercise. Then share that feeling of accomplishment with one person.  I’ve love to hear from you! Once you find your fit, you’ll be amazed at the changes that come your way!  

-Coach Leah,