Podcast 19 – Katie Bishop Williams with the Dunwoody Convention Visitor Bureau

This episode we sit down with Katie Bishop Williams from the Dunwoody Convention Visitors Bureau.

Topics include…

  • Katie tells us where all the hotels are
  • Caffeine and Octane Event
  • Dunwoody Mother’s Day Art Festival
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Explaining the hotel/motel tax
  • Perimeter green space
  • How do you tax what the skater kids are selling?
  • Donaldson-Bannister Farm
  • Dunwoody Restaurant Week June 9-16
  • Plugging the Restaurant Review Facebook Group
  • Katie promises to get us interviews out of all the local restaurants
  • Spruill Gallery “Everything will be OK”

Podcast 18 – Bob Mullen – Communications Director

This episode we sit down with Bob Mullen COmmunication Director for the city of Dunwoody, and Michael Starling sticks around to discuss…
  • How many banks are in Dunwoody?
  • Where are the boundaries of Dunwoody?
  • How many restaurants are in Dunwoody?
  • How many pizza shops are in Dunwoody?
  • What’s the best pizza in Dunwoody?
  • Plugging the Dunwoody Area Restaurant Review Facebook Group
  • What’s Up Dunwoody HQ
  • There’s way more Asian restaurants then Pizza?
  • Couple plugs for Village Burger (best burger joint in Dunwoody)
  • Are you going to show us the Traffic Network Control Center?
  • What is the median age in Dunwoody?
  • Why is Justin eating out of the trash?*

Podcast 17 – Michael Starling – Director of Economic Development

On location at the NEW Dunwoody City Hall! This week we sit down with Michael Starling at City Hall’s equivalent of the Death Star boardroom. Michael is the Director of Economic Development at City of Dunwoody. Topics include…
  • Why would they let us in City Hall?
  • Why are there so many banks?
  • What’s the most expensive piece of property in Dunwoody?
  • No Flying Biscuit?
  • Are we really getting a rooftop bar?
  • Why would you name your restaurant Dogwood Pizza?
  • Bob Mullen doesn’t want to be on the Podcast?
  • Dunwoody Gentrification
  • Is there a Hooters coming to Dunwoody?

Podcast 16 – Marian Adeimy – Dunwoody Farmers Market, Podcaster Impersonates Chamblee Police Officer

Matt the REALTOR is back from vacation! This week we talk with Marian Adeimy about the Dunwoody Farmers Market. Topics include…
  • Farmers Market Opening Weekend
  • Taco Food Truck
  • Seafood and Steaks Included
  • Justin impersonates a police officer
  • Marian throw daps to Lauren
  • Mike Wilensky gets brought up again
  • Mike Wilensky gets brought up a third time
  • Our first facetime episode is complete

Podcast 15 – Ransom Letters in Brookhaven

Matt the RealTOR is out tonight, so Jake Cohn and Mario Ceo are filling in as co-co-hosts. In a very special episode, we discuss the Brookhaven ransom letter. An all-too-real letter that is being delivered to Brookhaven men. Matt will return.

Podcast 14 – Interview w/ Mike Wilensky (Dunwoody resident) running for House District 79

This week we talk with Mike Wilensky ( https://www.wilenskyforga.com , https://www.wilenskyforga.com), who is running for House District 79 We cover…
  • Mike’s credentials / law firm / what makes him qualified for HD79
  • Is Mike pro: Giant slides and rooftop bars in Dunwoody?
  • Mike’s part in re-opening the Dunwoody Farmers Market
  • Keeping the aesthetics of Dunwoody (trees in particular)
  • Mike’s thoughts on whether GA will be in the next 10 states to “legalize” or in the last 10. And what that could mean for our economy.
  • How religious freedom bills could hurt our economy
  • What’s Mike’s “Presidential Dinner”
  • And much more!

Podcast 13 – Tree filled Disc Golf, Elevators Equals Old People, Lemonade Days carnies

It’s back to just Matt and Justin this week. All the Dunwoody Crier News and NextDoor Posts that are fit to podcast!
  • Matt has side-by-side listings, and the implications of that.
  • Drones just goin’ everywhere
  • Brook Run Trees marked for… (Death?)
  • Tree filled disc golf courses at Brook Run?
  • “Its all in the subject line”
  • Elevators or No Elevators at the Dunwoody Village Townhomes. As a people which do we want?
  • Do realTORS chase ambulances?
  • Used mattresses
  • Grow-room somewhere scattered on roadside of Huntley Hills
  • #DunwoodyRooftopBarNow  – Mission accomplished. Podcast done?
  • Matt takes cool nephew to Lemonade Days.
  • Open container permit granted for the new Georgetown Park (aka Dunwoody Green)
  • Someone in Springfield please make Cindy Sedran a NextDoor “Lead”! New podcast mission

Podcast 12 – Alan Mothner (Part 2) Monarchs & Margaritas

We continue talking with Alan Mothner, director of the Dunwoody Nature Center. This episode we cover….
  • The humble Mr. Magarita machine-inspired beginnings of the now HUGE Monarchs and Margaritas event
  • The new event pavilion coming in 2018 (and the big question, is there a Fantasy Suite-style bed?)
  • What the milkweed plant has to do with butterflies (and why YOU too should plant milkweed)
  • Encouraging kids (specifically YOUR kids) to play outside, jump on rocks, and get dirty in the creek.
  • Which is the best Dunwoody elementary school???
  • More about the new Austin Elementary school
  • The hidden playgrounds at the Dunwoody Nature Center
  • Will there ever be giant slide from Roberts drive down to the DNC. Plans have been proposed. Seriously.
  • Stage plays at the DNC.
  • Benny, the haunted piano ?

Podcast 11 – Alan Mothner (Part 1) All about the Nature Center

This week we talk to Alan Mothner, Director of the Dunwoody Nature Center. We talk about…
  • The imminently-domained history of the Nature Center
  • The mess out front (aka the new Austin Elementary)
  • More parking spots!
  • Can you just come in and walk your dog for FREE???
  • Can you just drive in and charge your electrictic vehicle for FREE???
  • How Alan got involved with the Nature Center
  • Can Alan wear a safari style hat and shoot Dunwoody’s alpha-predator: the coyote?
Guest: Alan Mothner  

Podcast 10 – Lemonade Days, Bowl Roasters, who has the best Dunwoody pool?

In this episode we talk about the upcoming Lemonade Days takeover of Brook Run Park, and a short discussion on pools in Dunwoody. Mainly why it’s so important to support your pool and how the community comes together over something as simple as a neighborhood watering hole. Guest: Heyward Wescott: Lemonade Days evangelist, ex-President of Kingsley Swim Club