Anxiously support your candidate after polls close at these locations. ..

The polls close at 7pm tomorrow, which means results will start to dribble in after that. Here's how that works. Each polling location will print out and post their results at the...

The Write-In Justin Dike campaign cleans up the Dunwoody Library probably forever This is proof when I make a comment on Facebook about possibly doing something, I might actually do it. When you go to the polls on...

Podcast 129 – Heyward Wescott for Dunwoody City Council (District 2)

Show notes: Heyward is running for City Council District 2.

Podcast 128 – Joe Seconder for Dunwoody City Council (District 2)

Show notes: Joe is running for City Council District 2

Vote For Nature! Election Day Camp, Dunwoody Nature Center πŸ—“

New in 2019! The Dunwoody Nature Center is offering a one-day special β€œVote for Nature!” Election Day camp. Campers will enjoy a fun-filled day in the park learning about plants, animals and...

Lynn looking to end big with Sunday rally in the Village

From her event page on Facebook... "CALLING ALL LYNN SUPPORTERS!!! Come show your support for Lynn for Dunwoody at this pre-election Day rally! We’ll need every vote to get...

Community Bike Ride, Sunday, Nov 3, 2:45pm πŸ—“

This month's community bike ride with Bike Walk Dunwoody beings at Village Burger at 2:45pm on Sunday, November 3rd. Check out their website for more info.

Plans to early vote completely derailed by double-recording of Teen Mom 2.

A woman who lives within walking distance of the Dunwoody Library, discovered not one but two unwatched episodes of Teen Mom 2 on her DVR Friday morning, undoing every intention of her...

Early-Alert No-Candy System definitely works mostly perfectly

Dunwoody's new Flag-Up system for alerting parents to a No-Candy (or Milk-Dud-only) house was tested on Halloween night. A system bug crashed one mailbox, injuring 5.