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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Podcast 33 – Mad Italian and Duke’s Burgers and Brews

Mad Italian in Chamblee is moving... down the street. The new location is further down Savoy Drive, and the old location is becoming a burger-bar called Duke's!

Constitution sayin’: City Hall should have no religious decorations

City Hall will be completely free of religious decorations this year. The full, fascinating story is right here. Dunwoody...

The Banker – Movie Review

During the Coronavirus, we are switching our focus to streaming entertainment. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+,...

Everything to start your entire life over – $0.00

Get it before the Curb Fairy does.

Podcast 131 – Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation – Erika Harris and Emily Ceo

Show notes: Could PCMS become a completely autonomous charter school? https://pcms.membershiptoolkit.com/

2nd to Last Weekend of Campaigning for Dunwoody Candidates: So what’re they up to!?…

For Mayor Terry Nall: Out and about in the community like always! Lynn Deutsch: Saturday:...
Brent Walker

Podcast 26 – Brent Walker (Part 1) – Parks and Rec

This episode we go back to City Hall and meet with Brent Walker with Dunwoody Parks and Recreation.

Podcast 134 – Your Holiday Haven – Discover Dunwoody

Show notes: Discover Dunwoody stops by to tell us about Holiday Events around the city!
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Dunwoody’s youngest voter skips mid-morning nap to vote early

At 94 years old, Dunwoody's youngest voter yet showed up to the Library to cast her ballot. When asked what local issues...

Buttons Galore – Only $5

Latest reviews

Podcast 34 – Stage Door Players with Robert Egizio

This episode we talk to Robert Egizio from Stage Door Players (Part 1)

The Write-In Winner is…

Get ready for #NotMyWriteInWinner to trend all over the country. Kristin Heneghan has won 28 to 18. ...

Game On!

July marks a celebration of parks throughout the country. Dunwoody is hosting a month-long calendar of events to celebrate Parks and Rec...

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