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Monday, November 30, 2020

5G Towers, facial recognition, spam and blinding bar code scanners

Oh its getting real on this post, and boy-howdy does it have it all. Here's what started it...

High voltage electric fences, calling wildlife professors – Coyote Post #1,324

Somehow these never get old. Best quote (so far)...."In LA they do attack children at 4 pm on the playground"... Keep the...

City Millage Rate Public Hearing

If you want your opinion to be heard on the city's millage rate, go to Dunwoody City Hall tomorrow morning, Tuesday, June...

Weekly Police Blotter Roundup

Another week of shoplifters, speeders, tailgaters (no, not the fun tailgating before a game–the following-too-close-type tailgating), and unlicensed drivers in Dunwoody. Check...

Podcast 80 – Joe Seconder – Bike Walk Dunwoody

Show Notes: In this episode, the guys talk with Joe Seconder, a bicycling enthusiast who is proactively working to make Dunwoody a safer place for...

Too Many Parking Spots

Are there too many parking spots in Dunwoody? That's what the Dunwoody Planning Commission thinks. With so many parking spots, Dunwoody's goal...

City of Dunwoody Gives Restaurants New Options for Outdoor Dining

Dunwoody restaurants can now apply for a temporary permit that allows for expanded outdoor dining options to meet social distancing requirements.
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Put Your Trash Out One Day Later Next Week

Don't forget that Monday is Labor Day and thus Dekalb County Sanitation runs a day late next week. If you need more...

Podcast 128 – Joe Seconder for Dunwoody City Council (District 2)

Show notes: Joe is running for City Council District 2

Enola Holmes – Movie Review

During the Coronavirus, we are switching our focus to streaming entertainment. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+,...

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