Podcast 38 – Peachtree Middle School Principal – Dr Donnie Davis

Dr. Donnie Davis is the new principal at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

Topics include…

  • Mark Dye gives us an awesome review-
  • School is BACK!-
  • Preschool goes back later than elementary (http://kingswoodumc.org/preschool/)-
  • Don’t schedule podcasts with principals on registration day-
  • Justin is still the pool guy (www.pooldues.com)-
  • Dr. Donnie can’t help you if you’re sick-
  • There are 1,600 students total-
  • The urinals at middle schools are larger than elementary-
  • The front office staff has been around for a while-
  • The administration stayed the same-
  • Donnie is the only new guy-
  • Sitting down with the entire staff of Peachtree Charter Middle School is a long process, but very important to getting to know the school-
  • Custodial Staff is the hardest workers-
  • Donnie is straight outta Henderson Middle School
  • Justin sucks at soccer-
  • Is being 6 foot 7 inches tall make you stick out at a middle school-
  • No paddles at PCMS, even though Georgia is a Corporal Punishment State
  • Donnie loves the land-swap with Austin-
  • There’s a land-use agreement with the baseball fields-
  • Dr. Davis went to Georgia State and then got his PhD in Educational Administration Policy at the University of Georgia-
  • There are 4 Assistant Principals over various areas of the school-
  • Peachtree is a conversion charter school which is a charter school that previously existed as a traditional public school. The traditional public school entered into a charter to gain additional flexibility in exchange for greater accountability-
  • The Beautification Project brings in lots of volunteers to work on the school-
  • DeKalb typically has one middle school feeding into the high school-
  • Never call a Dr Mr-
  • Donnie receives a personal invite to the Rock The Woody Party

Podcast 37 – Third Rail Studios President Dan Rosenfelt

Dan Rosenfelt, President of Third Rail Studios in Doraville.

Topics include…

  • Implanting RFIDs in you for security reasons-
  • Third Rail Studios doesn’t do tours. Dan will give you a personal full tour if you ask nicely-
  • The Rampage movie set sounds amazing. I wasn’t invited on that tour-
  • The Doraville Assembly Plant is going to be a tiny city. And it will be gorgeous-
  • Serta Simmons will open early next year
  • Movie Theaters and breweries make for a better community-
  • Dan’s origin story-
  • Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Oceans Eleven-
  • Dan’s job at the Jim Henson Company and finally getting to put his hand in Kermit-
  • Justin and Dan both nail the Kermit voice-
  • Conan the Barbarian taking up 4 years of your life-
  • I forgot Aquaman’s Jason Momoa was Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones-
  • Riverfront Stages sounds cool-
  • Justin fools Dan, saying he was, in fact, a cool dad
  • Justin owns the Eastside of Dunwoody, as far as facebook groups-
  • Mile 22 films all over Atlanta-
  • A million shots fired at NBC’s Good Girls
  • Squib-proof walls, 18 inch concrete walls, and 4 feet of sound-proofing on the roof-
  • Production suites are big, open offices that these crews take over for a few months-
  • Dan’s job as the President is to give out the wifi password and plug and unplug cords all day-
  • BizDev involves both emailing and calling folks… at the same time-
  • Reimagine ATL
  • Justin should be President of the Dumpster-
  • Dolly Parton will be around town over the next few months-
  • Dan tries to stay off the sets-
  • Underground stamping pits at the old GM plants-
  • Justin does his best Stefon

Podcast 36 – Rock The Woody Party Announcement

Information on the First Annual Rock the Woody Party.

Topics include…

  • Justin waking up-
  • We’re over 4,000 downloads!-
  • Justin purchases schooldues.com
  • How a gas station formed our Village Overlay in 1968-
  • Spray paint is an unforgiving medium-
  • Dunwoody is not Helen-
  • Drugs and murder discussion-
  • How free Narcan will get your city hooked-
  • If you’re having an overdose, you should probably make sure you call ahead-
  • Maybe a quick disclaimer would work?-
  • Criminals aren’t used to sharing bathrooms-
  • There is a turning back point. You can just stab someone once-
  • Justin says “Stay in School”-
  • Lacota Apartment Complex is in Dunwoody-
  • Justin suggests changing to numerical street names-
  • The First Annual Adults Only Rock the Woody Party
  • Friday August 24th at Georgetown Rec
  • Georgetown is hosting a Family Get-To-Know-Ya Event where party-goers that plan to attend Saturday’s Main Event can come hang out at Georgetown Recreation Club. Kids welcome. Bring your tennis racket, as our Tennis Pro, Coach Adrian, will be hosting  QUICK on-the-court-games (lasting 5-10 minutes at at time). Groups can drop in and out throughout the night and not feel tied down to either the courts or the pool. As usual the kegerator will be stocked. BYO-Dinner.-
  • Saturday August 25th at Village Mill
  • 7pm – Catered Food by Nuevo Laredo. Come hungry! The taco bar dinner begins at 7… Is it Taco Bell? Hell no! Voted “Best of Atlanta” by Atlanta Magazine since 1992. Nuevo Laredo Cantina features authentic food prepared by Mexican cooks. Chicken and 100% vegetarian friendly beans.-
  • 8pm – Comedy by Hank Denson performs on the Village Mill main stage. An Atlanta based comedian, Hank has been making a name for himself on the comedy circuit for the past 10 years. He’s opened up for Jamie Foxx, Cedric the Entertainer, Amy Schumer and Rodney Perry.-
  • 9pm – The Hazz Benz Start Rocking – Assuming no mini-bread folding catastrophes backstage, the Hazz Benz will power through the greatest 80’s tunes.-
  • Take a virtual elevator ride 100 stories in the sky, and walk the plank if you dare! VR experiences provided by TheGridz.com.-
  • The Lovely Brenda from Hopstix in Chamblee will be serving speciality ‘Woody themed cocktails all night!-
  • The Lovely Jessica from Prime Bar & Lounge will also be serving her famous speciality cocktails!-
  • Self-serve keg beer will be on tap! Sweetwater, Budlight & more!-
  • And the greatest assortment of self-serve boxed wine you’ve ever seen!
  • Village Mill pool like you’ve never seen it before. Swimming isn’t required but this IS a pool party after all. Pack a suit!
  • Sunday August 26th Morning / Afternoon at Vermack – our weekend wraps up at Vermack Pool, where we open up the Bloody Mary bar (and we’ll inevitably get into any leftovers from Saturday). Kids welcome!

Podcast 34 – Stage Door Players with Robert Egizio

Robert Egizio from Stage Door Players (Part 1)

Topics include…

  • Why its “the hottest ticket in town”-
  • History of Stage Door and why it’s now attached to the Dunwoody Library-
  • North Dekalb Cultural Center used to be Dunwoody Elementary School-
  • 2nd podcast reference to the Dunwoody Handweavers Guild-
  • Robert threw a dart at a map to decide where to move-
  • Mexico or Dunwoody – Choices are hard sometimes-
  • His actors range in employment from Starbucks to Lawyers-
  • We go to a lot of movies together-
  • How the subscription service works-
  • 5 and 6 show passes exist-
  • Robert has a small staff doing his dirty work-
  • Smokey Joe’s Cafe is the Rock-n-Rock show of the summer-
  • Our mics look like Star Wars props-
  • All of the actors are switched out each show-
  • A little about Robert’s YouTube rants-
  • The Council is all coming to a private Smokey Joe’s show-
  • How the Dunwoody Non-Profits operate with a board of directors-
  • Bob Kinsey from the Spruill Center would be a good guest-
  • We need to talk with Jim and Melanie Williams with the Dunwoody Preservation Trust-

(Part 2) Topics include…

  • Musicals are probably better for my ADD-
  • Robert says A$$ twice on air-
  • A little more conversation about the Dunwoody Village Overlay Code-
  • Williams-Burg-Town-
  • Tijuana Flats is the proposed new tenant for 5419 Chamblee Dunwoody Road?-
  • Shout out for Dunwoody California Pizza Kitchen-
  • Please don’t mention other real estate agents on my show Robert-
  • Why they are a community theater-
  • We need those free tickets now-
  • Musicals run 4 performances a week-
  • The Jetsons move to Dunwoody-
  • What’s Up for the future of Stage Door
  • Once Upon a Ballet plug-
  • The Odd Couple was Robert’s real favorite-
  • Theater sounds terrifying for a podcast host-
  • Robert likes Actors Express, Alliance Theater, Georgia Ensemble, and Aurora Theatre-
  • Local theaters have each other’s backs-
  • Robert is going to “Publisize the HELL out of this show”-
  • Our placement in this years Dunwoody 4th of July Parade was dead last-
  • We need a Corvette for next year’s parade-
  • Rickshaws are fun-
  • We don’t have many podcast viewers… or listeners-
  • Matt Woellner’s first What’s Up Dunwoody shoutout-
  • Does anyone else listen to their own podcasts at x2 speed?-
  • Stephanie Freeman with the Perimeter Chamber coming soon-

Podcast 33 – Mad Italian and Duke’s Burgers and Brews

Mad Italian in Chamblee is moving… down the street. The new location is further down Savoy Drive, and the old location is becoming a burger-bar called Duke’s! Here’s Tom and Shannon to tell you more.

Topics include…

  • The importance of community involvement and spirit nights
  • Sponsoring Murphy Candler, DHS Volleyball, Chesnut, Georgetown Rec
  • How many sports could possibly need sponsorships?
  • Moving down Savoy into the Allure Nightclub… I mean Malone’s
  • The building has been completely redone
  • Justin hates on Taco Bell but Matt loves it, once in a while
  • If you’re over 50, you don’t listen to podcasts
  • The mustache logo is still king
  • Original prices are awesome – $1.85 cheesesteaks in 1973
  • Mad Italian is 45 years old!
  • They’ll soon have 30 beers on tap
  • Duke’s Burgers and Brews will open in the old location
  • No need for buns… just eat the meat
  • The introduction of Duke’s
  • Their boy John seems to be a bit of a bada$$
  • Check out their special pickles
  • Duke’s will be military-branded
  • We’re ok with Chamblee’s fences
  • There will be extra rooms for private events
  • Why Mad Girls is better than SpongeBoobs
  • They raised over $5,000 for breast cancer
  • Splitting up the team to run 2 seperate restaurants
  • Grand Opening hopefully the beginning of August on a Tuesday

Podcast 32 – Comedian Paul Ollinger

Paul Ollinger is a Comedian straight out of the Wood. He was one of the first 250 employees at Facebook, and cashed out to follow his dream of making people laugh.

Topics include…

  • Marching in the Dunwoody 4th of July Parade
  • How do you pronounce his name?
  • Props to Kate Roark for helping connect us with Paul
  • Making Dunwoody Backyard Comedy a thing
  • What’s it like to open for Jeff Dunham?
  • Dunwoody Quiz
  • That time Paul threw up on the table at Dunwoody Country Club
  • Who is John Dunwoody?
  • How close is the Georgetown Pool to 285? Very close.
  • Changing dimes into quarters
  • When is Perimeter Mall actually closing? SEO
  • What its like busing tables at Perimeter Mall and when you should trade-up?
  • Changing the Hickory House into another bank
  • Our Wayne’s World 2 dream of having a massive concert at Brook Run
  • Getting bit by the “comedian bug”
  • Hosting the Improvs in Orange County
  • Why our wives don’t LOVE our podcast
  • Paul repeating his jokes is still just as funny in person
  • Plugs for the Laughing Skull, the Punchline, Sweetwater, Three Taverns, and Orpheus
  • Justin’s buddy Trevor Williams at the Laughing Skull
  • Setting the ambiance for a show
  • Big announcement for Rock the ‘Woody on August 25th

Podcast 30 & 31 – Bob Lundsten from the Backyard

Farmer Bob Lundsten hangs out with us in Justin’s backyard.

Topics include…

  • Worth Wells gives us a wonderful review (5 stars)
  • Bob doesn’t mind to be a thorn in your side
  • His background as President of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association
  • Google Elaine Boyer
  • Bob’s relationship with Elaine Boyer
  • His involvement in all of Dunwoody’s zoning issues
  • Old man Spruill sets his “Zillow Make Me Move” price for the Best Buy land off Hammond
  • How the DHA doesn’t need legal authority to make a big difference
  • Developers need to go through the DHA first
  • Adrienne Duncan does a good job with the current Dunwoody Homeowners Association
  • The Village Overlay was created to stop the encroachment up Ashford Dunwoody
  • “SLUPs shouldn’t be used to change the code”
  • Let the Heyward Wescott mentions begin
  • Do we need another Mexican Restaurant?
  • Heyward is the Godfather of What’s Up Dunwoody
  • Dunwoody Green will hopefully have 6 #DunwoodyRooftopBars
  • If you listened/read this far you’re probably ok with us plugging ourselves, and you should check us out on our websites… both of our urls start with www.

In part 2, Farmer Bob Lundsten continues to hang out with us in Justin’s backyard.

Topics include…

  • Putting a Publix across from the Dunwoody Library
  • Changing the look of Chamblee Dunwoody forever
  • Is it Manget or Manget Way?
  • Google Elaine Boyer
  • Jeff Rader and Kathy Gannon were about protecting the County
  • Parks Bond Issue and Vernon’s response to the news of incorporation
  • How it feels to be the “the white racist from Dunwoody who listened to the white racist who owns the Crier”
  • The benefit of being there in case Dunwoody Incorporation didn’t happen
  • Why is the relationship with the County still so bad this many years?
  • Bob’s opinion of Terry Nall’s EMS discussion with DeKalb County
  • “Nobody knows the importance of a good response time more than me”
  • Justin’s “surprise joint meeting” isn’t the best idea
  • ATTN Richard McLeod – Justin’s backyard bar is not permitted!
  • Bob finally drops a curse word on our wonderfully clean show and forces us to label this episode E

Podcast 29 – Crazy News Around The Wood

No guests. Just us. Subscribe to the show.

Topics include…

  • Gelzer49 gives us a nice review (5 stars)
  • 12 year old girl in the Mill Glen neighborhood robbed at knifepoint, description matches well… just listen.
  • “Brian” does not live on her street
  • Burglary at the Best Buy off Hammond
  • They repelled from the ceiling and went through a wall into the apple storage room
  • Someone had his shotgun shells stolen… and a pocket knife
  • 1998 CRV taken and not missed
  • Someone stole smell water
  • Dunwoody Nature Center Concert Series
  • Heather Gillis Band, Wren and the Ravens, Honeyboy and the Boots, and Mohawks and Gold Vans
  • Dunwoody Overlay Code is getting an overhaul according to Richard McLeod
  • The council is also leaning toward a #DunwoodyVillageOverhaul
  • Bob Lundsten was a “wonderful guest” teaser
  • “SLUPs aren’t the right way to change the overlay code”
  • Sandy Springs Police officer rearended on the side of the highway
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