Holiday Fundraiser – All Directory Sales going to Giving Grace, a Dunwoody non-profit helping those in need!


This holiday season we’re donating all sales (even Paypal fees) to Giving Grace, a non-profit run by the amazing Christy Betz, from Dunwoody North. Many of you already know her through her huge Facebook group.

We all think a little bit more about people in need during the holidays, but Christy is living that charity-life all year-round. I’ve only been in the group for a few months, and I’ve seen so many of the people she’s helped.

Whats Up Dunwoody has a largely unfilled, but potentially really useful Business Directory. Plus if your company or pro-service is listed in the directory your logo / image ad randomly appears on pages throughout the site. Listing your business is cheap, as low as $50 per year for most businesses. ALL directory revenue will go to Giving Grace, over the holidays.

We’ve even CC-ed Christy on sales, so she knows exactly “What’s Up”. See what I did there =)

Oh and if you don’t see your professional service as a category, just let us know. We can add it.