Let’s start with getting to Del Friscos. It’s in Dunwoody, so hey, no problem right. Well it took a little extra work for me because my car is in the shop (in Macon). My wife drove me part of the way there, which was super embarrassing because she slowed down in front of every neighborhood guy I knew that was outside at the time. So slow that I had to stop hiding and wave to them so she would keep driving.

Eventually she kicked me out of the car, so I was on my own to find a ride to Del Friscos (ok, I had to get a haircut and she couldn’t wait around). It took about 13 seconds of hitchhiking before someone I knew saw me thumbing it. Big thanks to my buddy Matt for the ride. I just had to go on a Costco run with him first. Here’s the exact mission-objective text his wife sent him while stuck on a conference call…


One Costco trip later, Matt dropped me off out front Del Friscos which is right down the road from the Chic-Fil-a by Perimeter Mall (look for the giant State Farm building, its part of that). Here’s a video I forgot to actually send to anyone showing them where to park.

If you weren’t hitchhiking, WHAT’S UP with parking?

Parking is free for up to 2 hours. Perfect for happy hour or dinner. And as my co-organizer Jake pointed out, one could easily drive in and out of the parking garage before the two hours is up. That’s a Life Hack. Jake says, “You’re welcome”.

I got there first, so here’s a pretty pic of their outside bar with no one there. Nice right?

Is there a dress code at Del Friscos?

Del Friscos is a classy place, but don’t feel like you can’t slug back a few beers on their patio wearing your normal short shorts. About 10 guys asked me about the attire, and I finally broke down and asked my friend that works there. Granted she knew we would be out on the patio for happy hour, but I don’t think that really mattered. If you want to go casual, you do you man. In other words, there’s no official code that I’m aware of.

Excellent group atmosphere

Our crowd soon arrived and we filled in the bar area pretty fast As you can see from the pic above, it was sunny out but the bar area is very shaded and kept cool from multiple overhead fans. So it felt great even in June. The rounded bar is perfect for conversations in a crowd as you don’t have to talk through a row of people to say something to someone 4 seats away. I can’t think of any other rounded bar in Dunwoody (not saying there isn’t), but I hadn’t really considered before what a huge difference a curved bar makes vs a square one.

Why were your kids there, Justin?

Their grandparents can track my location so all of a sudden two of my kids showed up. After ducking behind the bar, they eventually spotted me and asked for food. I sat them at a nearby table outside, and asked the waiter for a couple very large wagyu steaks for them because the word wagyu sounds hilarious. Some sort of moron-alarm system must have been triggered and their dinner was auto-corrected to chicken and fries (which they loved).

The What’s Up Dunwoody drone

Okay, it’s really my buddy Matt’s drone. Different guy than Costco-Matt. As with all roles here at What’s Up Dunwoody, if you’re the first to do it, you got the job. So Matt Wollner is now our official photographer / videographer. He got some great drone footage of us all!…

Del Friscos was fantastic for happy hour!

Thanks to everyone that showed up to our first What’s Up Dunwoody Happy Hour and special thanks the staff at Del Friscos that brought us out of appetizers to really make it a special event. We’ll be back! And if you’re interested in a group event (more than just a casual thing on their patio), contact my friend Corrine at czucallo@dfrg.com 

Here’s a few more pics…