UPDATE – Whats Up Dunwoody will have a tent setup starting at 9am at this event. Drop by and say “What’s up”!

Don’t wait until the day of the Butterfly Festival. Buy your tickets now to ensure that you get entry into one of the butterfly tents.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to buy your tickets early: even though you will probably be able to get into the event if you show up on the day of (Saturday, August 17th, 10:00am-4:00pm), they have timed tickets for the 3 butterfly tents, and there are a limited number of tickets for each time slot for each tent.

All 3 butterfly tents are equivalent and offer the same immersive experience, but you only get entrance to one of the butterfly tents. And you can only enter that tent at the time on your ticket.

So if you wan to avert tantrums and waiting around in the August heat, buy your tickets ahead of time and plan your visit to the Butterfly Festival at the time that will work best for your family.

Adults are $10 per butterfly tent and children are $5 per butterfly tent.

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