Fundraising Kit

Is your Dunwoody area school or classroom looking to raise funds? We would love to help!

Matt and Justin from the Whats Up Dunwoody podcast (those guys in the image) are looking to hand-over BIG checks to our Dunwoody cluster schools. Why?? Well, between the two of them they will eventually have 7 kids going through our area schools. They also have this high-traffic local website with tons of available ad space, and neither of these guys feels like selling ad space all day long (Matt is a realtor and Justin is busy running

As such, they are willing to donate ALL sales from their online Business Directory to the needs of Dunwoody schools during a specific time period.

How does your school or classroom get on their donation calendar? Just shoot an email to and tell them what your school needs. They will figure out an available time period (typically a 1 or 2 week window). As all sales are being donated, we can only have one fundraiser at a time.

Need a simple image to explain this great opportunity to a representative at a local school…

More details… All sales (minus Paypal’s processing fees) during the fundraising period will be donated to your school. Listing a business in most categories is $50 per year but can go up to $100 per year for certain professions (for example, lawyers are a higher tier than painters). Regardless of price or how someone found the website, Whats Up Dunwoody is donating ALL sales to your fundraiser. So with just a few of sales, your school could raise hundreds.

Is it time to announce your fundraiser?

Once your fundraising period begins Matt and Justin can help get the word out through their own social media channels, but it’s FAR more important the parents at your children’s school know about the fundraiser, and that’s where you come in! A newsletter is the best way to get the word out!

Download this image below, then upload it to your schools newsletter provider (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc)…

Need some text for a newsletter? Feel free to modify the text below…

Dear [Fill in Class or school name] Parents!

We have an amazing fundraising opportunity from now until [fill in end date]. Whats Up Dunwoody will donate ALL sales from their online Business Directory so we can purchase [fill in the fundraiser item].

Here’s how it works. If you own a business, provide a service, or work for a company that could use more local ads, pick a Business Category at this link to get started. Most categories are ONLY $50 per year to advertise in, and ALL that money will go back to the school! If your professional category isn’t listed, not to worry, they can add a new one.

Your business will be listed for an entire year, PLUS the image / logo you upload will randomly appear on their front page and nearly every other page of the site! gets between 7,000-10,000 page views per month, and between 4,000 and 6,000 unique visitors, almost entirely from the Dunwoody area. So this is a great way to reach new customers or clients around our area. Also a link from a high-traffic local site is a great way to increase your own website’s search engine ranking.

Please tell your friends about this fundraiser. Remember, ALL sales during the fundraising period will be donated back to the school until [fill in end date] so this could generate a lot of money for us!

Thanks! [Your name]

Need more graphics? Here’s a few…

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