Fogo De Chao – Gluten Free Dunwoody


The good news for those of us who have to live gluten free is that the world is opening up for us. 

Right in the heart of Dunwoody I had one of the best GF meals ever at a place I never expected it. Fogo De Chao is now high on my list of places to go.

The first thing your waiter does when you sit down after you drink order is given  is to bring hot cheese popovers. I did not eat any expecting they would be out of my celiac diet. They weren’t! My husband was raving about them only to find they were GF. All the starters they brought were fine for me to eat and included in the meal. I love fried plantains and out they came too. At this point I didn’t even want any other food. 

We were surprising a friend for his birthday and while we did not reserve the special side room they gave it too us, which made the occasion even more special. Because the children in our party were hungry and the birthday man a bit late we ordered shrimp cocktail for them. It was in a large bowl of ice with shrimp that looked like lobster tails. The kids adored it. And it was bigger than anyone’s head. 

Here is where I diverge from most. I did not order the unlimited meats. The salad bar was so beautiful I just stayed with that. I had no trouble finding foods I could safely eat and didn’t want to over eat. Everyone else loved their meals. It was a happy place with customers enjoying themselves and wait staff that could not be improved on. We have now used it as a place to give as a gift for someone we want to give a special thank you to. Try it for someone you love, especially if it is your spouse!

PS look at these desserts, three are GF!