False alarm, no radiological event in Dunwoody


Everything will continue to be ok here in Dunwoody. Here’s what EM Specialist Chayne Sparagowski, posted about the emergency alert you may have gotten earlier…

Some of you may have received a radiological event this morning through Wireless Emergency Alerts on your cell phones, the Emergency Alert System on tv and radio, or other means. You may not have received the message at all, as it was a test. Regardless, there is NO EMERGENCY. The Georgia Emergency Management Agency sent out the message this morning as a test message, but some systems activated as if it was a warning message. GEMA has given the follow-up statement: “You may have received a **TEST** emergency alert this morning regarding a radiological emergency in Georgia. We regularly test our emergency alert systems to ensure they are working properly and this was a ONLY A TEST MESSAGE. There is no radiological emergency.”

Here’s what concerned Dunwoody residents had to say…

At least this put into perspective how much I’ve been worrying about mildew under my sink.

That was a fun 3 hours of drinking everything in the house. Guess I’m taking Marta to work today.

Now we know the Connect 4 set in the Dunwoody Country Club safe room barely has enough pieces to get through a well thought out game.

Unless I can undo sending a lot of very passionate text messages, this is now just a personal emergency.