Election Battle for Dunwoody’s soul: Will YOU write-in Kristin Heneghan or Justin Dike


The least talked about race in Dunwoody’s upcoming election is potentially the most defining for our city. Hidden within the unopposed seat of John Heneghan’s ballot, is a write-in contest between Justin Dike (NextDoor Lead), a local genius that is only partly to blame for Dunwoody’s school over-crowding and Kristin Heneghan (NextDoor User), a Ms Dunwoody Mom award-winner, preschool teacher and known for her cooking, philanthropy and social hosting.

Let’s take a look at the two write-in candidates we could accidentally elect in John’s place…

Verifiable proof of Kristin’s “Ms Dunwoody Mom” sash. This photo racked up Facebook Likes.

This photo got equal Likes from neighbors applauding Justin for mowing the lawn that month.

Here’s a chicken pot pie Kristin made for someone in the community that needed it when it mattered most

Justin helped out his neighbor in need on his 50th birthday by tagging him in this thoughtful post.

This is an example of one of the many moderately attended social events Kristin helped organize in her 10 years social directing at Dunwoody North.

Below is one of the greatest social events Justin organized as Georgetown Social Director….

Dunwoody, your Write-In Candidate should be clear… Justin Dike.

Also can we agree that unclear misspellings of K.H.’s name should be counted as separate people.