Dunwoody’s youngest voter skips mid-morning nap to vote early


At 94 years old, Dunwoody’s youngest voter yet showed up to the Library to cast her ballot. When asked what local issues she was most concerned about, she listed the following…

  • Fireworks on non-American holidays
  • More benches needed between Kroger and retirement home near the back of Kroger.
  • Why the city can’t get a Woolworths or good apothecary to come back to the Village.
  • Local restaurants used to have at least 2 free biscuits, now none do
  • City’s new public park, Donny B’s, attracts wrong crowd after dark (so she’s heard)
  • Bus schedule now drops off one minute later, costing her best loom at Handweavers Guild.
  • Border with pot-decriminalized Chamblee should be marked with “TURN BACK” signs

If you are between the ages of 18 and 103, go to the Dunwoody library this Monday through Friday to fast-pass your way through voting. And whatever you do…


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