Dunwoody’s Most Epic Decorated Houses!


2020 Updates…

Big thanks to Billy Kramer at NFA Burger for sponsoring the maps this year. Due to Covid, and specifically not wanting to drive around in a car with my wife that had Covid, new maps are a little late this year. She’s fine, but then Night 1 of charting new houses was a bit of a bust as we tried a neighboring city, and well… let’s put it this way, we got excited seeing the reflective lights on a jogger.

We’ll keep trying strange new lands or just keep milking the exterior illumination of Dunwoody. Speaking of, here’s last years maps…

The Maps…

Redfield to Springfield (with 2 worthy detours) this route has two radio-timed locations worth gawking at for a while. Doing both would take a while. Images and notes have been added to this Google Map… 2020 UPDATE – THIS MAP STILL CHECKS OUT!! No notable additions spotted, but all the returning favorites are here

Dunwoody North – A shorter distance tour, with quite a few payoff houses. No radio station-timed stops, so this could easily be done in 30 minutes or so. One worthy, but short, detour to see a large star hung very high.

The Heathwood to Georgetown Route – I started this map with Andrew Ziffer’s amazing Hanukkah decorations, but if you’ve already seen those, skip ahead to the Heathwood entrance. This route will breeze you through some of the best decorations in Dunwoody Central neighborhoods. If you want to loop back to where you started, you can end on Cambridge Dr (if you haven’t seen that house yet, it’s a crowd-please).

Wynterhall to Stratham to Trowbridge – This might be my favorite route yet. Wynterhall usually puts out luminaries so this would be a great Christmas Eve route. (Wynterhall will finish with a Star Wars ATAT shooting lasers) Mount Vernon has an entire “winter world” with St Lukes and a starlit sky across the street (seriously, its a starscape with decoration way up), and the entire run of Trowbridge has solid homes. Stratham Dr will be your BIG finish, and trust me, it is BIG!!! Other notable things to look for: giant candy cane trees and a Christmas Stonehenge (in the daylight its two trees lobbed off about 8 feet up with part of a tree between the two). Guessing this route is 30-40 minutes of slow driving.

Here are some extra notes on the locations plotted (there are also Markers in the maps above with notes and some photos)…

  • Stratham Dr. – INSANE AMOUNT of decorations. See video below.
  • 6960 Hunters Knoll NE – PROGRAMMED LIGHT SHOW! tune in to radio station 88.3 for music/light show
  • 6560 Glenridge Dr, Sandy Springs, Ga (in between Abernathy and Mt Vernon) -you’re allowed to pull into circular driveway to drive through to see all the lights and inflatables (older article about this)
  • 5496 Redbark Way – PROGRAMMED LIGHT SHOW! Tune to 87.9FM, see video below
  • Cambridge Dr. – awesome hodge podge of everything imaginable. Picture in gallery
  • Roberts Rd & Chamblee Dunwoody Fork – try to stop at the light after passing Dunwoody Village, look in the window and you’ll see a live action projection of Santa and his elves
  • Springfield Drive – Dunwoody’s best Hanukkah decorations, a crowd favorite from Andrew Ziffer. Picture in gallery
  • North Springs Drive & Chateau Dr – a solid follow up from their epic Halloween decorations
  • Kellogg Springs Drive – assortment of great houses on this street. Santa in the video (see video)
  • Redfield Ridge – picture in gallery
  • Mill Glen Drive – picture in gallery
  • 4337 Huntington Circle – picture in gallery
  • Sharon Valley – HUGE SANTA
  • Old Orchard Ct – right near the big Santa
  • Holliston Road – 2 great houses
  • 6942 Ayers Court (photos coming soon)
  • Framons Court (photos coming soon)
  • 5540 Mt. Vernon Way at Withmere (photos coming soon)
  • Mount Vernon Rd. as you’re approaching Dunwoody Village – Look right, and you’ll see Rudolph, Santa and his spilled presents!
  • Mount Vernon and Vermack – an entire Winter skyscape

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Stratham Dr