Redfield to Springfield (with 2 worthy detours) this route has two radio-timed locations worth gawking at for a while. Doing both would take a while. Images and notes have been added to this Google Map…

Dunwoody North – A shorter distance tour, with quite a few payoff houses. No radio station-timed stops, so this could easily be done in 30 minutes or so. One worthy, but short, detour to see a large star hung very high.

Here are some notes on the locations plotted (and future points to be mapped)…

  • 6960 Hunters Knoll NE – PROGRAMMED LIGHT SHOW! tune in to radio station 88.3 for music/light show
  • 6560 Glenridge Dr, Sandy Springs, Ga (in between Abernathy and Mt Vernon) -you’re allowed to pull into circular driveway to drive through to see all the lights and inflatables (older article about this)
  • 5496 Redbark Way – PROGRAMMED LIGHT SHOW! Tune to 87.9FM, see video below
  • Cambridge Dr. – awesome hodge podge of everything imaginable. Picture in gallery
  • Roberts Rd & Chamblee Dunwoody Fork – try to stop at the light after passing Dunwoody Village, look in the window and you’ll see a live action projection of Santa and his elves
  • Springfield Drive – Dunwoody’s best Hanukkah decorations, a crowd favorite from Andrew Ziffer. Picture in gallery
  • North Springs Drive & Chateau Dr – a solid follow up from their epic Halloween decorations
  • Kellogg Springs Drive – assortment of great houses on this street
  • Redfield Ridge – picture in gallery
  • Mill Glen Drive – picture in gallery
  • 4337 Huntington Circle – picture in gallery
  • Sharon Valley – HUGE SANTA
  • Old Orchard Ct – right near the big Santa
  • Holliston Road – 2 great houses
  • 6942 Ayers Court (photos coming soon)
  • Framons Court (photos coming soon)
  • 5540 Mt. Vernon Way at Withmere (photos coming soon)
  • Mount Vernon Rd. as you’re approaching Dunwoody Village – Look right, and you’ll see Rudolph, Santa and his spilled presents!

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